A southern Utah hard money private lender!


Redstone Capital, LLC has been a hard money/private lender for real estate investors in southern Utah since 2014. We've helped investors and builders with short-term capital, bridge loans, flips, and more. Contact us today for more information about financing your investment real estate!


What Are Hard Money Loans?

Hard money loans are loans which are backed by an asset such as real estate and funded by private investors or companies.


Why Use Hard Money?

Hard money loans are much easier to obtain, faster to close, and more flexible than traditional financing. Hard money loans are a great option for short-term needs, bridge loans, and investment property.


What does it cost?

Hard money loans typically require 1-2 points up front and 10-12% interest per annum.  Most loans are interest only loans with monthly payments. With hard money loans, there is a lot of flexibility to make something work.



"Redstone Capital is extremely easy to work with! Extremely fast and smooth closings, very flexible and down to earth people. I just used them for the first time recently and am already working on my second deal with them. I highly recommend them!"

— D.S. St. George, Utah